Collection: Kids Welly Gumboots


Crafted from hard-wearing rubber and thoughtfully lined with cotton, the Jelly Welly (formally Boho& Mooi) Gumboots promise to keep growing feet dry during rainy day adventures.

- Hard-wearing rubber outer; cotton lining
- Adjustable side gussets for easy on and off
- Hanging charm to pull tab
- Non-slip, flexible outsole


All natural rubber welly boots, so incredibly soft that they don't cut into our little ones leg's. Perfect for all those muddy puddles.


Best way to measure is from the top of your big toe to right around the back of the heel and then upsize for winter can even upsize one or two sizes, they have a beautiful shape to them that hold your little ones foot for better support.

AU3 / 20EU  13.2CM

AU4 / 21EU  13.9CM

AU5 / 22EU  14.6CM

AU6 / 23EU  15.3CM

AU7 / 24 EU  15.94CM

AU7.5 / 25 EU  16.60CM

AU8.5 / 26 EU  17.26CM

AU9 / 27 EU  17.92CM