About Us


Hi There, we are Bec and Toni, the Mum and Daughter duo who own and operate Jelly Welly Australia.

We have taken off on this journey together to bring soft, comfortable and affordable shoes to your little babes.

As a mum and nanny we are always looking for timeless pieces that are both practical and beautiful and can be shared throughout the seasons... hence why our Jelly Welly's have been created.

Our personal and individual Jelly Welly mold has been created by us, for us, along with our suppliers to ensure little feet are looked after and always cared for.

As both working mums (and nan) Toni in Sales and Admin and Bec as a Teacher's Aide, our plates are certainly always full, but we are super excited to take on this next chapter, and bring you along for the ride.

We are always here for a chat, or answer any questions you may have, please reach out at info@jellywelly.com.au.